Cubic Meters (m³)

Our calculator is beneficial for those to work out an estimate for the concrete that you will need for your project, all you need to do is add the measurements and the relevant shapes. This means you can simply work out the best way to build up a concrete calculation for more in-depth and complicated areas.


MacMix has a fleet of volumetric mixers that will deliver your concrete at the most convenient time for you. It is important to remember that when purchasing concrete, not every estimate is perfectly accurate. It may be that you have slightly overestimated the concrete that you require and this is why our volumetric mixers are here to help provide you with an accurate amount of concrete, so you will not over-purchase concrete. We will guarantee that you only pay for the amount of concrete that you use.


It is important that when entering measurements that enter them in the correct way, for example, if you have calculated the areas that are needing concrete, then ensure that you enter 10 feet x 5 feet x 0.6 feet (for 8 inches). If you, unfortunately, add inches in addition to feet this will calculate 10 feet x 5 feet x 8 feet. We understand just how confusing it can become when you convert inches to feet, but it is important to ensure the measurements are as accurate as possible.

When working out the cubic area of concrete, you must enter the dimensions and click the calculate button. Once the calculations are complete the amount will be rounded up to the nearest M³ for all ready mixed concrete. Once you know the required cubic metre of concrete that you require, the next step is to contact one of our experts, they will be able to advise the best ready mix concrete that will suit your projects. Our experts will also be there to assist if there are any extra requirements that you may need.