MacMix is here to supply you with floor screed to your site with the exact measurements you require. There are various floor screeds that we can offer, which is why we ensure to tailor every job to suit you entirely. Screed is slightly different to average ready mix concrete, screed is a thin layer of cement paste that is used to produce a flush surface. We supply first-grade screed so that we can provide you with a traditional floor screed. Screed is a fantastic flooring option to provide you with a smooth surface that can be used in both commercial and domestic projects. All screed mixes are mixed on-site using our volumetric trucks, this means that we are able to ensure that we can supply you with the perfect mix.

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We are fully equipped for every kind of job, we have top of the range volumetric trucks to ensure we are able to mix and provide a mix of both concrete and screeds, this way we can provide you with a service you deserve. We are based in Basildon in Essex and supply service for the whole Essex area.

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Being a family run business we understand the importance of going above and beyond for each of our customers and providing a service that is high class and unbeatable. It is crucial that we make sure all measurements are accurate so that you will have one less worry whilst completing your project.


We provide screed to a wide range of both commercial and domestic customers throughout Essex, providing a perfect finish to any concrete roof or floor. It may be that you are looking at creating a perfectly levelled surface or covering underfloor heating. Here at MacMix, we can ensure that we find the correct screed for your project.


Each type of screed has different benefits, bonded screed is typically used when heavy loading is anticipated such as multi-storey car parks and driveways and in some cases used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. Bonded screed is a mix that is fully bonded to the membrane with a bonding agent. Bonded screed is typically between 15mm and 50mm thick.

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The main difference between bonded and unbonded screed is the way the mix is laid, unbonded screed is laid on top of a damp-proof membrane that is placed on top of the concrete. Typically, like bonded screed, unbonded screed is used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. There are many beneficial factors as to why choose unbonded screed, the main one being that the membrane helps reduce the risk of shrinkage and the chances of damp setting in. It is important to remember that the appropriate drying process is completed, if the screed dries too fast curling can occur, meaning the edges of the screed can begin to distort. Unbonded screed is typically around 50mm thick.

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Floating screed is installed on top of the insulation, this is used to increase the efficiency of the building. The screed is laid to create a thermally efficient surface. Floating screed is installed on top of insulations, typically the main use for floating screed is in buildings where underfloor heating is already in attendance. The floating screed is typically between 65mm and 75mm thick. The more heavily loaded floors will need greater thickness.

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If you have any questions regarding the best screed to purchase, it is important that you speak to our experts today, we will be able to guide you in the right direction and supply you with an accurate quote.